Crossfire Soccer Club
Helping kids to become better soccer players is what we do best!  At the same time allowing them to learn about the game and enjoying what it has to offer.  We work with all ages to help them improve their knowledge and soccer skills.  

We offer camps for younger or late beginners, single gender, and even experienced players.  We also offer one on one training.  Just contact us to learn more about how you can benefit by attending one of our training camps!

Crossfire Soccer ® Spartanburg, SC 29301
Helping Kids Reach Their Potential
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​ Crossfire Soccer Club will no longer  continue to operate effective  8/1/2016.  I want to thank all those  who coached, volunteered, or  played with our club! I have  enjoyed working with everyone and  l wish everyone continued success!

​                    Private Coaching
Need to work on some basic soccer skills outside of a normal team practice.  Consider using a private coach to help you develop those basic skills or to work on a specific weakness.  Just click on the CoachUp logo to start the process and let me help you!